Garzini + Hunterson


After years of selling in the niche market of wallets, through online as well as offline channels, we noticed customers focus more than ever on dimensions, quality and differentiation. There’s a noticeable gap in the current offerings of wallets and we found it was time to step up and serve that need.

We developed a specific range of wallets in house that easily meets those criteria: slim, handcrafted, premium genuine leather and above all: a clever and unique system called Versaflex. Numerous testings have been done, by ourselves and face to face with customers, to make sure we got it right. We are proud to present to you the final product, sculpted by hand and developed with passion. Garzini, delivering you an all new wallet experience.





The classic Magic Wallet has been around for ages. But, we couldn’t help to notice a general lack of attention to detail, style and card space in the current offerings. As die-hard magic wallet fans we stepped up and revised the magic wallet.

By opting for high qualitative soft cow leather and strengthen elastics in stylish matching colors a magic wallet has never looked so good. The extra card sleeves inside deliver the practical storage you need while the integrated RFID shield brings security to a new level.

Magic Wallets are unique in a way that they put the money away for you. You simply put the money inside, close and open from the other side to see your money neatly strapped. Make sure you watch the video to see it in action!